Consulting in Berlin 

Thanks to more than 15 years of professional experience as an Manager in a consulting company, I had the pleasure to consult numerous investors from eastern Europe and China. Over the years I successfully gained important contacts and reliable partners. I specialise on consulting investments and company founding in Germany. Furthermore I have a competent knowledge and can help with legal and tax issues. I am the founder and CEO of following companies: 

  • Consulting company in Hong Kong Dominart Consulting Ltd. 
  • Real estate management in Germany Dominart Real Estate GmbH 
  • Interior design company Exprimo Berlin GmbH 

Due to the growing interest of our clients for common projects, supporting and administrating their companies, we offer the following services: 

  • Administration of your company or your real estate 
  • Professional consulting in the subjects accounting and taxes 
  • Implementation of real estate and company founding projects 
  • Due to versatile interests, I offer to act as an investor or business partner
  • If you are searching for a reliable partner in Germany, we would be happy to welcome you as our client.  

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